new beginnings

So its been 10 months since I last posted anything here, but hey, time for a new start.

Lately I’ve been reading a fair bit about permaculture, a la ‘Milkwood‘ and friends.  And it seems that this lifestyle (or living choice) is exactly what I’ve been trying to achieve, yet didn’t know it!

Think chooks, worms, composting, growing fruit, veggies, herbs and grains… think solar power, rainwater tank, greywater, food forest, a tree bog (!!), bees and mushrooms… and more!


Food Forest – Wikipedia

Future posts to look forward to, from our little suburban ‘farm’ will be:

– the progress reports on my culture of oyster mushrooms on spent coffee grounds

– conversion of my bike to solar powered electric

– further design of the yard using permaculture principles

– a vertical wall garden aquaponics system, cycling nutrient-rich water from fish pond through plants on wall and filtered water back into fishpond. I can already say that I’ve thought about this one a bit, and I’m trying to find a way to use soil instead of the hydroponics clay (any thoughts, comments or encouragement welcome!)

Well, stay tuned my friends.  I will leave you with a photo of the oyster mushroom mycelium that is quickly spreading through last week’s coffee grounds.


Oyster mushroom mycelium growing on spent coffee grounds substrate


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