Tikka Masala’s big day out

This is the story of how one chook single-footedly managed to wreck our neighbour’s entire yard.

‘Twas rather embarrassing to say the least.

We have a good relationship with our neighbours.  You know, they’re the kind of neighbours who say g’day in the morning, and bring back your mail if it ends up in their letterbox.  Not the annoying kind that sing ‘Don’t break my heart, my achy breaky heart’ amplified on a karaoke machine at 3am, or the kind that borrows your shovel and then claims it was theirs all along.

But last weekend Tikka, one of our four chooks, almost ruined this cosy neighbourly relationship.  She decided that the greenery looked a little tastier on the other side of the fence.  While she and her mates were out of the pen roaming the yard she found a little gap in the hedge, made her way through it, and helped herself to our neighbour’s veggie patch.  And his flower beds.  And his rose garden.  She even had a poke around his potted plants on the verandah, and kindly left him a great big messy green calling card.

Imagine if you will, my embarrassment when a few hours later there was a knock on the door, and lo and behold, there was our rather annoyed neighbour to complain about the state of his yard.  I apologized repeatedly, and then he informed me the chook was still grazing in his yard and could I come and collect it please?

Ladies and gentlemen, this was not my finest hour.  Have you ever tried to catch a chicken?  Well.  It is not something that can be done gracefully.  Especially not in pink gumboots.  Although it may have been somewhat entertaining for our neighbour to watch me in my wellies stomping about in his garden beds (finishing off what Tikka had already started), I’m sure he was fuming by the time I’d actually caught the chook.

I’m pretty certain we’re not on their Christmas card list this year.

Don’t look so proud of yourself miss, you’re in big trouble.

There’s no point hiding now, you’ve been a very naughty chooky indeed.
Go to your room, you’re grounded for a week!


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